Welcome to the social welfare (Benestar) section.

Sometimes, you may have problems that you cannot solve on your own. Whether they are related to finances, health, social exclusion or a lack of personal autonomy, such difficulties can affect your wellbeing. At times like those, the guidance, advice and support of the social services (serveis socials) can be very useful.

The social services system comprises all the public measures intended to ensure that citizens' essential needs are met and to encourage people to develop their capabilities, against a backdrop of respect for personal dignity.

The public social services network includes all state and private resources, facilities, projects, programmes, benefits and general activities geared to prevention, care and social promotion.

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Alongside the social services, there is a network of social and volunteer organisations that run specific programmes to promote the integration of people with difficulties. The organisations in question also provide services for people who are in the process of legalising their presence in the country.

Additionally, the social services work in coordination with other public services (from the fields of health, education, culture, employment, etc.).

The system established is one of joint responsibility, where people participate in their own social and economic reintegration by undertaking the training and therapy necessary for them to obtain the financial and social resources that will enable them to be independent.

The social services are divided into the following categories:

  • Primary social services, which are the most immediately accessible services and those that citizens should contact initially.

  • Specialised services, which are aimed at particular sectors of the population requiring specific attention and are provided through centres, services, programmes and resources for the relevant target groups.