The Catalan government has a network of care centres for the disabled (Centres d'Atenció a persones disminuïdes, CAD). The staff of those centres provide information and advice on the different services available to people with physical, mental or sensory disabilities, such as aid for the adaptation of homes and the removal of architectural barriers (eliminació de barreres arquitectòniques), vocational integration programmes for the disabled, economic benefits and information on residential homes and day centres.

The benefits and services in question are available to holders of a disability recognition certificate (Certificat de reconeixement de discapacitat), which accredits a person's disability and includes a diagnosis and an indication of the extent of the handicap involved. Such certificates are issued by the assessment and guidance team (Equip de Valoració i Orientació, EVO) of each of the Catalan government's care centres for the disabled (Centres d'Atenció a persones disminuïdes or CAD).

Disability recognition certificates are usually valid indefinitely. In some cases, however, they may only be valid for a limited time, if the CAD assessment team considers it appropriate.


Early-years care
(Atenció precoç)

At birth, a child's nervous system is not fully developed. The necessary development takes place over the course of the first stage of the child's life.

If the process does not take place in the normal fashion, it means that the child has a developmental disorder and will thus need help geared to improving their growth process. Such disorders may be acute or chronic; in either case, identifying them as soon as possible is of the highest priority.

The stage of a child's life covered by early-years care runs from the time of prenatal diagnosis to the age of four. Early-years care (atenció precoç) is a term that refers to all the measures applied to children affected by or at risk of being affected by developmental disorders in the first years of their life. Public care throughout Catalonia is guaranteed by a network of child development and early-years care centres (Centres de Desenvolupament Infantil i d'Atenció PrecoçorCDIAP).