On the basis of the 5th Plan for Action and the Development of Women's Policies in Catalonia 2005-2007, a series of activities have been established and put into practice with the aim of preventing social and work-related discrimination against women.

The main goals of the plan are as follows: 

  1. To increase women's presence and participation in all areas of social life.

  2. To reorganise working practices and the use made of time so that all gender equality policies are part of everyday life.

  3. To cater for all aspects of women's requirements.

  4. To offer a programme for dealing comprehensively with violence against  women.

For further information, see the website of the Catalan Women's Institute (Institut Català de les Dones) at

To learn more about our rights, we can also consult the Welcome guide for the newly-arrived women in Catalonia (Benvinguda a les dones que arriben a Catalunya) published by the Catalan Institute for Women.

Services and resources of care and recovery for women who suffer gender-based violence (violència masclista) and their children (*):

(*) These services are part of the comprehensive network of care and recovery for women who suffer gender violence.

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For more information please refer to: Care for women (Atenció a les dones)