The Secretariat for Citizen Action (Secretaria d'Acció Ciutadana) promotes activities aimed at supporting organisations and raising social and civic awareness. It also makes proposals on plans, studies and research related to public-spiritedness and voluntary work, and offers public and private bodies advice on those matters. Additionally, it organises and promotes civic campaigns along similar lines.

The Secretariat has a network of civic facilities, including Citizen action offices (Oficines d'Acció Ciutadana), community cultural centres (casals cívics), children's play centres (ludoteques), cultural centres for senior citizens (casals de gent gran), maritime centres (cases del mar) and institution service centres (hotels d'entitats). The purposes of those facilities are to reinforce association structures and to encourage social and recreational activities (activitats de lleure).

The Secretariat also promotes social integration and action programmes for communities, neighbourhoods and social groups, through community development initiatives, social and vocational integration projects and schemes for access to new technologies.

Further information is available at the website of the General Directorate of Community and Civic Action (Direcció General d’Acció Cívica i Comunitària)