In the hospital in which your child is born, you will be given a document called a health record (carnet de salut), where a note will be made of all the most important details related to their birth. Later, your paediatrician will add information on your child's development and the vaccinations they are given.

Your child will be attended to by your paediatrician at your primary health centre (CAP) from the time they are born until the age of 14. Newborn children have to visit the paediatrician every 1 or 2 months. When they are older, they need to go for annual check-ups and must follow their vaccination schedule. If your child becomes ill, you can take them to see the paediatrician without having made an appointment, from Monday to Friday. If they become ill at the weekend, you will need to go directly to a paediatric urgent treatment service in a hospital.

You will need your child's vaccination certificate when you enrol them at a school. If your child was not born in Catalonia, you will have to tell your paediatrician which vaccinations they received in your country of origin. If any vaccinations have been overlooked, your paediatrician will administer them. Almost all vaccinations are free of charge.

Once they reach the age of 14, your child will be attended to by a family doctor. When your son or daughter is given their last childhood vaccination, they will receive a new vaccination certificate (carnet de vacunació) showing all the vaccinations they received as a child and on which a record will be made of any vaccinations they are given as an adult.

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