For newcomers from all over the world, immigration involves a series of difficulties related to adaptation to and integration into Catalan society. Solidarity associations have been created to solve such problems and to offer services intended to improve immigrants' quality of life.

Solidarity associations protect human rights and oppose injustice and socio-economic exclusion. They work for a society in which equal rights and opportunities result in everyone being considered to be a citizen.

The services that such organisations provide are not exclusively for immigrants, but encompass areas that mainly affect the immigrant population. Those services are usually operated in cooperation with the authorities and tend to be part of the network of public resources. The organisations in question work with a full range of associations when undertaking their activities. As a newcomer, participation in these organisations can thus provide you with access to all Catalonia's other associations.

Solidarity associations carry out many activities, which can be summarised by dividing them into three categories:


  • Information on and obtaining documentation regarding the status of foreigners.

  • Information on, redirection to and, if applicable, accompaniment in dealings with public services.

  • Work-related information and guidance.

  • Assistance in situations in which it is urgently required.

  • Support where basic needs are concerned.

  • Translation and interpretation in different languages.

  • Intercultural mediation.

  • Teaching of Catalan and Spanish.


  • Condemnation of racial discrimination.

  • Opposition to the violation of fundamental rights.

  • Support and aid for refugees.


  • Promotion and publicising of cultural diversity in Catalonia.

  • Encouragement of intercultural relationships between long-standing and new residents.

Different organisations offer different services, and they are not all present in every area. It is therefore important to ask about local immigrants' associations at your town or city hall.