Welcome to the citizen participation section.

The recognition and exercise of social, cultural and political rights are among the principles on which democratic societies are based. In Catalonia, the whole population's involvement through bodies for citizen participation and the association movement is essential for development and social cohesion (cohesió social).

Participation takes the form of citizens' involvement in the entire process of planning, monitoring, implementing and subsequently evaluating public action. Such participation takes place through a range of bodies, from school councils to municipal advisory councils (consells municipals). Those bodies are organised on the basis of the fields in which they work (solidarity, young people, women, etc.).

People who live in Catalonia can participate in the country's life as individuals or as part of a group. The result is a solid network of associations that contributes to a greater degree of balance and cooperation between citizens and the civil service.

This section contains information on the civic and cultural centres where citizen culture is nurtured, as well as on the diversity of Catalonia's associations. The association movement encompasses many different areas, and we will be taking a closer look at those related to neighbourhoods, parents of schoolchildren, consumers, sports, women, young people, art and culture, religion, solidarity with immigrants and international solidarity.

For further information, see the Catalan government's citizen participation (Participació Ciutadana de la Generalitat de Catalunya) websites at and