Religion is an area in which cultural and social diversity can be observed. According to the Spanish Constitution, Spain is a secular state (Estat aconfessional). The Religious Freedom Law guarantees the freedom of worship,  meaning that everybody can have religious beliefs and practise their religion privately and in public, without that legally justifying inequality or discrimination.

Religious diversity involves the need for dialogue between religions in order to encourage mutual familiarity and co-existence between citizens with different beliefs.

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It is important for followers of the same religion to join together in a religious association, in order to obtain public recognition and access to their own space for worship. In Spain, the Ministry of Justice is responsible for officially recognising groups as religious organisations.

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In Catalonia, the Directorate-General for Religious Affairs (Direcció General d'Afers Religiosos) provides information and advice on how a religious organisation can gain official status and deals with organisations based in Catalonia.

Before opening up a centre of worship, it is advisable to ask your town or city council about current regulations in the local area.