Women's associations and women's cultural centres are accessible group resources. They work to achieve effective equality between men and women in all areas of life. The participation of women is essential in order to reinforce the battle against sexual discrimination. After all, who better than women to protect their rights?

Such organisations work to promote:

  • Human rights, social justice and the empowerment (apoderament) of women, meaning females becoming more independent, as individuals and as a group, and having a greater level of presence in economic, political, cultural and social representative and executive bodies.

And to eradicate:

  • Sexist violence and all forms of discrimination against women all spheres of life.

Today's organisations have inherited the tradition of Catalonia's feminist movement, which began in the first half of the 20th century and continues to work on various fronts:

  • In cultural and artistic arenas.

  • For the reconciliation of work, family and social life (conciliació de la vida familiar, social i laboral).

  • In business and professional arenas, to achieve equal opportunities with men.

  • To promote training and vocational integration for disadvantaged women.

  • To protect the rights of sex workers.

  • To encourage diversity and to oppose discrimination based on race, sex or religion.

  • Concerning health and sexual and reproductive rights.

  • To encourage association between immigrant women in their own organisations.

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