The survival and notable vitality of the Catalan culture and language are due in no small part to organisations throughout the country which have kept traditions alive and played leading roles in the avant-garde artistic movements of recent centuries.

There is a great deal of variety within the cultural association movement, encompassing everything from traditional and popular cultural activities, such as human tower groups (castellers), carnival figures (gegants i capgrossos), traditional Catalan dances called sardanes, dance groups (esbarts dansaires) and processions of groups of devils (colles de diables), to more general forms of expression related to arts and crafts. A characteristic that is common to most of the activities in question is that they encourage proximity and cultural creativity based on people working together and group action in neighbourhoods, towns or cities. This explains why such organisations are the driving force behind popular celebrations and festivals, as well as why it is important for you to get involved with the relevant associations if you are an artist or have cultural interests.

Today, cultural associations can continue to play an essential role in enriching the Catalan culture, based on promoting the expression of and interaction with the growing cultural diversity that accompanies new migratory movements. For example, that could involve working with new artists (painters, writers, musicians, film makers, actors, etc.) who arrive in Catalonia hoping to find a place where they can express themselves, contribute to the Catalan culture and develop their creative talents.

Cultural organisations encourage social and artistic creativity, thus aiding mutual familiarity, exchanges and cooperation between people from different social and cultural backgrounds. This reflects UNESCO's Universal Declaration, which recognises the role of diversity in human development on a local, national and international scale.

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