As a foreign minor in Catalonia, the type of residency permit available to you depends on your personal circumstances:

  • If YOU WERE BORN IN SPAIN and your and your parents are legal residents you will obtain a residence permit with the same validity as your parent’s authorization.

Foreign minors born in Spanish territory do not automatically receive Spanish nationality; instead, the nationality of one of their parents is attributed to them. If the parents do not want their child to have the same nationality as them, they may apply for Spanish nationality for the minor.

  • If YOU WERE NOT BORN IN SPAIN, you may apply for a residency permit if you can prove that you have been present in the country for the previous 2 years, that you have been receiving an education during that time and that your mother or father is a legal resident with sufficient economic resources and suitable housing.

If you are a MINOR WITHOUT DOCUMENTS and you do not have relatives in Spain, you will be placed in the care of the authorities responsible for protecting minors, who will locate your family in your country of origin for the purposes of repatriating you. If the authorities are unable to locate your family within 9 months of you being placed in their care, you may request a residency permit.