Foreign students who want to carry out non-paid research or training activities or to study in public or private education centres in Spain must have a STUDENT VISA issued by the Spanish consulate in their country of residence.

To apply for a student visa, you must have previously been assigned a place in a Spanish study centre. You must have enough money to pay for your accommodation and maintenance while you are studying and will need to show that you will have access to accommodation in Spain. If you are a minor, you will need parental permission to apply for a student visa. Student visas are visitor's visas, not residency visas.

If your studies last for more than 6 months, you will need to apply for a student card (targeta d'estudiant) from your local immigration bureau (Oficina d'Estrangers) once you arrive in Spain.

Foreign students can be hired for the duration of their stay if they prove to have a contract for part-time work or full-time (in the latter case, the contract is for less than 3 months and does not coincide with academic time). The filing of the application must be made by the employer following the procedure AUT05 through the website of the Department of Enterprise and Employment (Departament d’Empresa i Ocupació) ( and requesting of an appointment and the favorable resolution involve obtaining an administrative authorization to work for the student.

Students who wish to change their residence situation on the ground studies to a situation of residence and work should have possessed the student resident status for at least 3 years, not have been awarded grants by public or private organizations in cooperation or development programs of their country of origin, have successfully completed their studies and hold a job offer. The application must be filled by the employer following the procedure MOD03 on the website above, in this case can be initiated by appointment or by presenting the documents to the offices enabled the Department of Enterprise and Employment (Departament d’Empresa i Ocupació) (see website) or in any administrative registration service.