There are 2 types of new homes available to buyers, namely those that have been planned and those that have been completed.

Planned new homes are those that have not yet been built, but which the developer is selling on the basis of a plan of the property, thus obtaining money that will help to build the homes in question. There may be a period of 18 to 24 months between buying such a home and being able to start living in it.

In such cases, you should go to the land registry to check that the land shown on the plan actually belongs to the developer. You should also go to the registry of companies (Registre Mercantil) to make sure that the developer's details are correct. Lastly, consult your town or city council to check that the developer has the necessary authorisation and permit.

There are few completed new homes available at present, as most developers prefer to sell new homes before they are built. If you do find a completed new home that you want to buy, you should carry out all the same checks as mentioned above.