Welcome to the housing section.

Housing is a basic requirement. Everyone has the right to decent housing that provides them with the privacy they need. There are different ways to find a home:

  • Through people you know (relatives, acquaintances, etc.).

  • Through estate agencies (Agències immobiliàries), which are basically an option when you want to buy a home.

  • Through estate management companies (Administracions de finques), which are basically an option when you want to rent a home.

Estate managers are contracted to manage property, which may belong to an individual owner or to an owners' association (Comunitat de propietaris). The job of an estate agent (Agent de la Propietat Immobiliària, API), on the other hand, is to market properties (i.e. to sell them or to rent them out). APIs have no further role to play once such a transaction has been completed.

For further information, see the website of the Official Guild of Estate Managers of Barcelona and Lleida at

It is possible to buy or rent homes.