Compulsory primary education (Educació Primària Obligatòria) is for children aged 6 to 12. It consists of 6 academic years, which are  divided into 3 stages, namely an initial stage (from 6 to 8 years of age), an intermediate stage (from 8 to 10) and a higher stage (from 10 to 12).

The aim of this phase of the learning process is to provide all children with a common education that allows them to acquire basic cultural knowledge and skills. They work on oral expression, reading, writing and arithmetic, and learn about their natural and social environment, plastic arts, music and gymnastics. They also become progressively accustomed to working, studying and co-existing with others.

Between primary and higher secondary education, your children will have different teachers for different subjects. One of those teachers, however, will be responsible for monitoring their schoolwork and ensuring harmonious co-existence among pupils. Such a teacher is called a tutor (Tutor/Tutora) in Catalan, depending on whether they are male or female respectively). If anything is worrying you in relation to your children and any aspect of school life, you should always talk to their tutor about it.