Welcome to Catalonia’s education system.

All children who live in Catalonia have to receive an education. It is compulsory for them to go to school between the ages of 6 and 16, regardless of their administrative status.

Catalonia’s education system provides free schooling in centres financed using public funds. Such centres are called state schools (centres educatius públics) and state-sanctioned private schools (centres educatius privats concertats).

All schools (state schools, state-sanctioned private schools and non-state-sanctioned private schools) offer the same study programme content, as they are governed by the same education law.

Education is the responsibility of the Ministry of Education of the Catalan government (Departament d’Ensenyament de la Generalitat de Catalunya): Town or city councils assist the Ministry with enrolment at schools and socio-educational activities.

The Catalan education system is mixed, meaning that boys and girls go to the same classes and take part in the same activities.

Catalan is the lingua franca (llengua vehicular) in schools. In other words, it is the main language used for learning and communicating in the education process. Catalan is used in oral and written activities, teaching material, textbooks, learning activities and assessments, except in Spanish and foreign language subjects.

Reception classrooms
(Aules d'acollida)

When your children start going to school, they will be assigned to a class based on their age. If they are unfamiliar with Catalan, they will spend several hours a day for their first few months in a reception classroom (aula d'acollida), where they will learn enough Catalan to enable them to follow classes in a completely normal manner as soon as possible.

Schooling committee
(Comissió d'escolarització)

In order to register your children at a school, it is necessary to apply to your local schooling committee (comissió d’escolarització).

You can obtain the address of the committee to which you must apply, based on the location of your home, from the offices of the town or city council.