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In Catalonia, economic activities are carried out in the context of a market economy (economia de mercat), i.e. a system in which relations of production and exchange are based on free enterprise. Market economies entail a risk of social inequality and poverty developing, despite partial successes for collective welfare. 

Economic globalisation (globalització econòmica) has led to an unprecedented level of movement of all kinds of capital, goods and services  between countries (many of which have a market economy). The labour market has also undergone a process of internationalisation, affecting the lives of millions of people who emigrate to other countries in search of better working conditions or new opportunities.

In Catalonia, work is the main way of making money to live on and of guaranteeing your inclusion and participation in society.

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In a market economy, consumption and earning money result in people coming into contact and establishing relations with financial institutions (entitats financeres) and savings institutions (entitats d’estalvi) , i.e. banks and savings banks.