Welcome to Catalonia, a country that has historically opened its doors to newcomers, who, in turn, have participated in and contributed to its development.

For immigrants, arrival is a key period in the process of adapting to a new society. The first moments and the first relationships established as neighbours are extremely significant in terms of making it easier to integrate into your new surroundings; that is why reception is so important.
The Law on reception for immigrants and returnees to Catalonia (Llei d'acollida de les persones immigrades i les retornades a Catalunya) develops a welcoming network that provides information and training options aimed at newcomers. Those itineraries are intended to help you to become independent and to make co-existence easier.

The network in question is supported by the Catalan government (Generalitat de Catalunya), which promotes the Comprehensive Reception Programme (Programa Integral d'Acollida, referred to as PIA in Catalan) alongside the local authorities, as town, city and regional councils are responsible for establishing reception and welcome plans and for setting up the necessary resources. Private bodies are also involved in reception organisation, together with the civil services.

As you will see in the other sections of this website, reception involves an entire group of resources. This comprehensive approach will ensure that Catalonia is a welcoming society, as well as making it easier for newcomers to embrace the Catalan culture and become citizens.

We will now describe the different resources available in Catalonia. It should be noted that the kind of reception activities and services you will find where you live will be adapted to the nature of the town or city and its population of newcomers. In other words, we will be giving a general description here, and thus recommend visiting the citizen information services in your place of residence, where you will be provided with information on local reception resources.